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Superfly Intro - Dj Kode Red Letra

Hello all you foxy ladies and you cat daddies
Welcome to the Kode Red Lounge
I'm your host
I'm no wise guy, I ain't trying to be bone dry
But we gone take it back to when it was superfly
So grab some fried chicken
Get you some yak because is on special
And get some of that Kode Red wine thats mmhm, so fine
Without further ado
I bring to you Kode Red
Thank y'all for having me here man
I'ma let the band play for a minute doe
If that's cool
I see y'all in the back y'all go ahead and roll up
Aye and get these two ladies upfront a drink on me
I see you baby
And thank you for being here to
Alright y'all its showtime

Uh, listen here what I got is god giving
I'm just driving with some ambition
This is how it's writing, uh
I'm a winner nigga, I'm the definition
I just dropped 3 albums last year
Wheres my competition, Huh
I been making beats, I been in these streets
I been working out too, yeah like an athlete
I been passing out them albums
And you know that shit ain't cheap
And I'll whip up a hit in a fucking heart beat, uh
I been in the groove, probably seen the moon
You don't believe a nigga huh
Shit check my youtube
I been in some tough places nigga and I work the room
And I come out that bitch paid, because I'm that fucking dude

I just had to get that off my chest man
Forgive me for anybody in the front row I spit on
My bad
We gone make, we gone go to the next one

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's my fucking time, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all I do is shine, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's my fucking time, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all I do is shine, look
I love trials nigga that"s how I get paid
In the city you can hear me with my nigga Ray
Never will, Never will never get played
Another weekend nothing else shit I'm not afraid
Focus nigga you didn't pay attention
I just mentioned some of my songs in my last bar submission
Fuck it I should be chilling like a villain
This intro song this only the first edition

Y'all stick around man
We got a great show for y'all tonight
We got some special guess in the building
We got the band in here
We gone make sure we get it in
Let's goooo

Superfly Intro letra !!!

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Superfly Intro - Dj Kode Red
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Superfly Intro - Dj Kode Red

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Superfly Intro - Dj Kode Red
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