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Vvs Wet - Kody D Letra

Babygirl it's time to vote, get back on that pole now
Babygirl give me that throat, then it's back on the road now
I'm not alone now
At least I'm home now
Get to the bank and cash out on a chain
Then it's back on the plane
VVS water wet like some rain
Patek hurricane
Every time that Jedi sell out a show, thotties screaming my name
I can never go out sad bout a hoe, they gon put me to shame
When I hit it she say choke me like Darth Vader
She pull my pants down and activate my lightsaber
And I know it ain't right but I cannot save her
I know her boyfriend wanna beat me, he's a hater
I might go get me a check
She might give me some neck
I am not cody but my life is suite on this deck?
If you run up you get wrecked
Introduce you to this tech
Shawty choosing sides
Pull up in a Porsche, now she choosing rides
Stab your back but she aint using knives
She made a name for herself but she using mines
She bad girl like to do them lines
She call it foreplay
Pop a p get that pussy like propane
Gasolina macita like both ways, oh yeah
All eyes on me
Keep it discreet
They hear me speak
So I watch what I say
Ride through the street
The boy to elite
Mami look sweet
Ven aqui andale
Drip like a lake
Sip with no chase
Count my bank
Young nigga get paid
Lock it in safes
I keep it laced
Watching my pace
So I got no delay
She come my way
She leaving with me
Like my energy
But hey what can say
What more can I do
Rocks on my chain
Got sauce no ragu
Watching my plays
Do numbers on you
Nook is the name
Kush Pack be the crew
Fly like a plane
Burn up in the booth
Ice in my veins
Skrrt off in coupe
Like whoa
She like my glow
Selling out shows
Rocking the rose
Diamonds they froze
I'm yo bitch goals
She want the pole
Niggas ain't bros
Too many fold
Too many fold
Like whoa
She see the way that I flex like whoa
My diamonds still dance like whoa
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Vvs Wet letra !!!

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Vvs Wet - Kody D
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Vvs Wet - Kody D

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Vvs Wet - Kody D
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