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Confessions - Marcus Ariah Letra

My problem with women is I been moving in disorderly fashion
I love em all but it be hard when I'm actin
Like I don't really care about em
I been told I got some morals I'm lacking
And I need therapy a fatherless bastard
My role models my niggas
It ain't efficient cause we all grew up backwards
We learn together we got similar tactics
To slay her then forget about her
Slinging dick already something we mastered
But it be wrong because she feeling it after
I wasn't raised in such a manner
All these women I came up in the crib with
Got a sister thinking she ain't gon' get shit
Remorseful of my thinking
Now she hate niggas cause I showed her ill shit
I can't help but thinking Marcus you did this
Focused on the wrong
Hurting women that I probably should build with
Know I'll hurt her if I fuck but I'll still hit
Texting me I'm falling off
And saying this ain't something she deal with
I just let her go cause I know I'm still missed
Bad perspective
But I be thinking that I'm mad respectful
Cause I don't hurt em physically
But I get it
Emotionally I could kill em
Cause knowing that they feeling mad rejected
Question my honor I'm a tad reflective
My carelessness could take me over
And I realize its a bad infection
My head ain't with her but she mad receptive
And I be mad regretful and then repeat
Cause I got mad collection
And I been told its cause my daddy left me
And no excuse for the no text and more stress
And missed call backs
Won't be surprised if I'm a blocked contact
I'm understanding of it
How could I be angry when its my fault that
You hurting now and you ain't really off that
Finding coping mechanisms while we separate
Learning how to be dolo
I wanna call her
Like I need me a polo
But yet I'm knowing I'll be selfish if I do it
Eat my cake and still hold it
I rap about it to get weight off my shoulders
I gotta get over myself
Three dots
I write a text and delete it
Cause I be worried bout how you about to see me
A cowardly nigga that can't even come talk too much
To someone he needed
I seen me shine a little then I got greedy
And God's ways be so funny
I be out and I be thinking I'm sneaky
When on the real I'm just community D
See I got grudges held against me
Cause I do em and I get off too easy
You seeing through me
And I know you could read me
I know you could read me

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Confessions - Marcus Ariah
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Confessions - Marcus Ariah

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Confessions - Marcus Ariah
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