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Ghetto Love Song - Marcus Ariah Letra

They criticize me still regardless
If I rise or fall
They criticize me if I walk or I crawl
They criticize me if I’m off
They criticize whether I’m broke or I ball
They criticize so I can’t listen to y'all
And I can’t make nobody happy
If I’m hurting
They be trying to get Marc
They want the dope but they don’t want me to charge
Man aint shit free for me
So why should I indulge in making shit free for all
I dive too deep into the gram and the blogs
Showing niggas with all the money they got
And none the money they keep
They fake the funk and that be all that they preach
Sway done told me to fake it all til you make it
If its fame that you seek
I need the money dog the fake aint for me
A lot of dignity I’m holding
I don’t know if its gon get me no where
A humble nigga but my shit in the air
I see the love I see the hate
But when I balance it, it never compare
To all the new niggas that be in my ear
I get new calls everyday now
Got niggas calling saying we family
But they don’t take the time to yet understand me
I’m working towards a Grammy
And real estate to build the block up
They fear me
Another black nigga with tales of a fairy
So everybody want a piece of my landing
I’m stressing out cause I’m damaged
I talk to God but even he think I’m rambling
I wanna eat cause I’m famished
I got a nephew now and he need some pampers
When I can’t help I feel that heat take advantage
A thirty two stay in my right pocket
Cause I gotta still manage
My money habits
So I gotta stay camping
All in the streets for that dollar
I grew up in this man I never can panic
I’m ten down so I’m never not standing
I feel good when baby squirrel give me dome
Like she gotta be sandy
If I’m Michael then you gotta be randy
Cause niggas wanna see the spotlight
They hate it when you young and a cannon
Can’t be with stagnant dudes
And think you advancing
I got five millionaires standing with me
I gotta be six
Because you become every nigga you with
And its a whole lot of shit that you take account into when diving in this
If you with block huggers
You counter exist
My faith stay holding me over
Bank negative I gotta stay active
Either I’m working, slinging dope, or I’m clapping
Can’t be another man lacking
And popping pills cause my emotion reacting
They use to rap bout selling it
Now its backwards
Man I always respect the hustler, the honest man, the 9-5 practice
Get out the hood and stay away from the actors
If I get rich you best believe I’m adapting
Big houses and big cars
Man I get tired of hearing everyone passing
I love the hood but this shit aint everlasting
I love the hood but this shit hate when you captain
I know I’m good but this aint for the caption
And If I leave the game ace would they still love me
Fuck it I’ll just relax
I wish that Mitch had that mentality faster
I’m tryin to run me up a check
So if I’m dead
How can I run to the bank
How can I drive this ship
If I know it sank
How you saying fuck the world
If you know you really shooting out blanks
Good without nothing
Dog I gotta give thanks

Ghetto Love Song letra !!!

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Ghetto Love Song - Marcus Ariah
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Ghetto Love Song - Marcus Ariah

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