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Goat Talk - Marcus Ariah Letra

I got a question for you niggas
Is it growth or is it change
A lot of niggas worry bout what other niggas talk about
So they gon' be the ones who always gon' remain the same
See I'm devoted to my pain
The only thing that keep me sane
The only thing that help me realize
I'm a human
I'm in range
I'm still here
Not a prisoner or fucked up in this game
I'm still a nigga who seek God
But still a kid who need that wraith
I'm here with that goat talk goat talk
That big baaa shit
I'm speaking a tongue that I know these hoes talk
Got family askin' me where the old me at
I would host y'all
But if I stop this now
Then who helpin' me get my O's up
This ain't a diss song
If anything I just feel like I'm defending myself
Got friends keep on comin' at me
Family keep on comin' at me
Niggas forget that they not the ones weighin my wealth
Been in a bad space
A dark place
Please let this be the last time niggas ask or stay out my way
I got my mother you aint feedin
Got my sister you aint feedin
Honestly you speaking on me don't think that's really your place
And I got anger on my face
From livin in the same place
Where niggas really do nothin
But niggas claim they got hate
But more power to you
Brush em off ya shoulder if you must
You worry bout chasin these hoes
And I'm tryin to keep up with bank
Different views
You see us with scars and I just see suits
Like water we wear it well
We don't drill but we play with tools
Breaking news
I can't hang with niggas that wanna coon
All my blood brothers loccin, my favorite genre is blues
And good mornin
You niggas don't belong here like a mormon
Don't come scopin through our hoods to see mothers over sons mournin
I been on it
You dudes swear you original I'm yawnin
I learn different languages from exotic women
through moanin
I just be movin smarter
And stayin closer
To niggas claimin they fuck with you
But never gon use they holster
Most niggas be just in casey's
So they could use you for posters
I know him yo that's my mans
I told him get Casanova
But (Boom)
I guess it just come with the game
You notice the fear you put up
And most these niggas be lames
Most these niggas ashamed
Cause they be watchin your name
And never hustle for self
So they the ones that be drained
I mean
Be safe though (Be safe though)
Be safe like straps in both ways don't get clapped
I'm headin for them Grammy's and trophies after the team good
We'll focus on the country after Jersey on the map
And New Jersey's on my back
Like I just copped me a hardwood classic
I don't be talkin I am more about action
My fingers steady tremblin for shootout shots
If anybody want this war
You would think I was trigger happy
Mad max how my heart is
Bob Marley resemblance
Won't let you finish ya sentence
Before you sing ya redemption
The best rapper comin out my state since Latifah
A few friendly competitors but not a lot of them either
If you not bcc goodfellas or north
Then I can't see nobody touchin the torch
No point to look at the score
These bodies droppin like you never matured
These lil' baby niggas need some ensure
Or you should get em insured

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