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Real One - Marcus Ariah Letra

Man I got one car
Niggas try to hop in my whip
Just to make stops slowin down my shit
Got my own lane, my own change
But niggas askin bout my flip
I throw em out to find they own exit
You can't be doin too much for niggas
Cause niggas, they'll ride all day
Just long enough
To see they not gettin paid
But nigga how the fuck you gon eat if I aint
Member this is my wave
Act like you talked to God for me
I prayed
I got faith that I'm gon get it
So I get it
Niggas not on my level
So I can't blame niggas for kickin my pedal
But regardless if I aint whippin
Then I'm bussin
If I don't bus it, then I'm truckin
Was givin hands and feet
Was built for this struggle
I'll never settle
Got my mom n sister safe
Nowhere to put this pain
No time for cryin, aint no point in the rain
And this broad yea she a bitch she love to play
But she don't settle for lames
Thats why I like to keep my head in the game
Now thats a tip
I'm smarter than lotta these niggas
Ain't no lottery nigga
Never got handouts
I'm no pottery nigga
Man I'm amongst niggas that shoot up and shootouts
Lotta poverty nigga
I'm true indeed fake dont apply to me nigga
It's never hired
We got tools
We get dirty
Construction boots hella plyers
Then switch it up and suit it but never tied
Seen too many done with no justice and it never got televised
So I go hard I gotta stay in front lines
You see the good you see the bad
You see the hurtin when you look in my eyes
Don't look too long cause it might hurt my pride
Got anger issues
So it make me feel real good
When I could look this fly
Don't know if its right or wrong
Cause I don't know why
I go so hard for lookin the part
Designer money and primitive fashion
But when you got it
It don't change yo action
It kinda make you move backwards
Cause you on point when you got nothin there happenin
Still in the trenches
Tryna find yo passion
And I been battlin stayin myself
Or do for the world
Nobody perfect
But contemplatin if this rap shit worth it
Compromisin my dignity, masculinity
Was never my purpose
Niggas in skirts for God's sake
I aint swervin
Man I refuse to be that nigga
If I can't fly then I'll build wings myself
And I don't sleep so I make dreams myself
These new niggas be prayin to die young
I'm tryna keep my health
And if you shootin grab my hip for my help
I'll love to play
Cause man its too much to live for
What my niggas gon do
If someone take my life
My niggas gon shoot
And I'm not puttin my niggas in situations
Where they wearin them boots
Cause in real life I got real love for my crew
This not a movie not a game
When niggas die
Niggas dead forever
When niggas die
Thats your bed forever
I swear I hate these Rest In Peace tee's
These bodies in my head forever
So I'm gon ride with this lead forever
This drug money ain't for flashin
I ain't trippin if you find no ration
I got a fam to feed I'll keep on taxin
And if you don't try to understand me
Then please man don't keep on askin
I ain't here to be judged
I'm here to make back shit
And I been questioning the man above
Cause I aint see no changes at all
But everybody say I'm changin on y'all
Like I got change in my draws
IG mean nothin, aint no range in my yard
Ten thousand follows, not ten k on my card
My hands crampin, do hard labor at my job
My fingers stink I got two years in my car
My father dyin got no pulse in my car
Back and forth talkin to doctors bout OD's
Like I gotta hospital job
But niggas sayin that I'm changin on yall
Fuck it I'll change for myself
I need that bread in my belt
I need them championships and rings on my belt nigga
I gotta get it by any means necessary

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